Show 40: The Joker

The Joker

The Clown Prince of Crime, the Harlequin of Hate, the Ace of Knaves or you might just know him as The Joker. Is he a sick and sadistic lunatic or misunderstood genius with a warped sense of humor? The assembled Dollar Bin staff labels him the greatest comic villain ever and you can find out why in this weeks show.

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  1. What's our topic for next week? Can we do Alex Ross? Nope, we just made a MiniCast. Darn.

  2. Who's Marvel's equivilant to DC's Joker? Doctor Doom? Magneto? We discuss the difference between Marvel and DC's villains.

  3. Tre said, "Golden Age comics had balls." Death was more prevalent during the Golden Age than you might think.

  4. Greg Land is awesome but Huy at Acme Comics told me that he is being accused of tracing Steve McNiven of Civil War fame. Brian has read that he's ripping off magazine photos. Not cool Greg, not cool.

  5. Harley Quinn's origin was originally in the cartoon and transfers to the comic world in the story "Mad Love." Earth 2 Joker procreated to have kids.

  6. Watchmen has been greenlit in Hollywood. Mark Hamill, famous as the voice actor of the Joker in the Batman cartoons (oh, and Star Wars) is heavily being suggested as the actor to play Rorschach.