Show 41: Fan Fiction

DB 41: Fan Fiction

So what is fan fiction? Hunt around the net for information on your favorite characters and comics and chances are you'll run across it in one form or another. You'll find movies, animation, pictures, stories and even full comics done by fans. How good are they, who is doing them and why? On this edition of the Dollar Bin we talk about the good, the bad and the embarrassing in the online world of fan fiction.

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  1. Cartoon bunnies reenact movies in 30 seconds at

  2. Elastic Lad? Who the heck is that? Jimmy Olson? How do these two guys fit together?

  3. The official Fantastic Four movie was not as good as Pixar's The Incredibles which is seen by many as a rip off of the Fantastic Four.

  4. Why do the Justice Leaguers have to call each other by their first names. Don't they have super hero names to protect their secret identities?

  5. Did the Joker (or the Dollar Bin #40) influence a real man to shoot a manager at a fast food resturant when he didn't get what he wanted at the drive thru?

  6. Kris talks about his currently lettering job with Hard Way Studios. It's called House at the Edge of Nowhere.

  7. Apparently, Tre is having a hard time defining Fan Fiction. He thinks that professionals can not partake in creating fan fiction. Why?!

  8. We pity the fool that bashes on Mr. T.

  9. How the Star Wars movies should have ended.

  10. Sue, Tre's girlfriend, steps in and talks about someone she met, one of the Super Friends creators' wife, Vivian LaBlonc.

  11. Adam is most familiar with Hentai fan fiction. He's not the only one either. Marvel loves them some Hentai too. Check out Heroes For Hire 13. (Adam's note: Let me just say that I am not most familiar with Hentai and Kris is a liar!)

  12. OMG! We talk about sex and girls. On a comic book podcast? Of course, why wouldn't we. SEX SELLS!