Episode 342: SPX 2014 Reviews Part 1

Once again the Dollar Bin traversed the states between to join the small press goodness congregation in Bethesda, MD at SPX (Small Press Expo 2014).  While there, not only did they hang out with some great folks which will be covered later, they also, bought a lot of great books and such, half of which will be covered, here, in part one of the SPX 2014 reviews show.

Reviewed Creators Include:

Joshua Cotter - jwcotter.tumblr.com
J Chris Campbell - jchriscampbell.com
Robert Ullman - rkullman.blogspot.com
Jason Horn - ninjasaur.com
Sam Bosma - sbosma.tumblr.com
Sam Alden - samaldencomics.tumblr.com
Box Brown - boxbrown.com
Benjamin Marra - www.benjaminmarra.com
C Frakes - tragicrelief.blogspot.com
Laura Terry - lauraterry.com
JP Coovert - www.jpcoovert.com
Leah Riley - www.etsy.com/shop/futuregirl
David Mack - www.flagpole.com/comics/a-round-town
Drew Weing - www.drewweing.com
Sara L Turner - tinyghoststories.com
Alexis Ziritt - www.aziritt.com
Jared Cullum - www.jaredlovestodraw.com
Greg Kletsel - gregkletsel.com
Jason Shiga - www.shigabooks.com
Tugboat Press - www.tugboatpress.com

Runtime 52:46