Episode 25: Trades vs Monthly

Check it out! We have show notes.

What we read over the last week?
Mouse Guard
Adam read Nightly News #3 (which actually came out 3 weeks ago).
Wolverine #50 (flaco) by Simone Bianchi…awesome and Jeph Loeb…terrible.
Is Wolverine a monster? an evolved wolverine? What is this garbage?
Joe read 52 and Ex-Machina.

Adam and Flaco make fun of Kris making a switch from monthly to trades but eventually fails.

Brian says that Matt Wagner’s Batman and the Mad Monk should be sold as a one-shot and not as monthly installments.

Devon started reading Y: The Last Man in trades until he caught up with the monthly issues. Then he started on the monthlys and felt that the books lost their steam because he had to wait a month between issues.

Trey picked up four Fables trades because he bought a couple monthly issues.

What about hardback trades? Or the classic trades the Big Two are putting out.

Lost gets roped into the conversation.

Trades have no ads versus Marvel having 20 ads in ONE monthly book. One ad for practically every page of story. Ridiculous!
Image allows the creator to determine if ads will be in their book.

Compton says to do product placement. Really Compton? And that’s all he had to say and then he left.

Paul Dini’s current run Batman works great as a monthly

Runtime: hour minutes seconds