Funtime: Comics Madness Elimination 2012 Q1

Illustrated by Chris BrunnerAs mentioned at the beginning of the Dollar Bin Awards Part 2 show we have decided to celebrate the madness of March by doing our own little company tourney pool.  We here at Dollar Bin labs have collected 64 books currently coming out and placed them within a closed bracket system.  We’re going to pit comics against each other until only 1 is left standing… and then we are going to complain about who won.  If that isn’t too much for you we’ve also decided to invite you, the listener/random Internet troll, to try and predict the winners of each round (much like the NCAA March Madness brackets you see all of the sports guys doing at the office.)  Here is a little more info about the rules and the way things will be played out.

The Setup:

1)  We wrote about 150 comic titles on little sheets of paper and put them in a hat.
2)  We drew out 128 and sorted them throughout the bracket
3)  The Dollar Bin then voted and tallied the winners to knock it down to 64
4)  We present you with the 64

How to Play

1)  This article includes a link to and a pdf form
  a)  using the link create an account with bracketmaker (its spam free)
  b)  click “Comics Madness Eliminator 2012 Q1”
  c)  click “Predict It”
  d)  follow site directions to make predictions


  a)  download the pdf form from here.
  b)  fill in your picks (you can abbreviate)
  c)  email the pdf form to adam(at)thedollarbin(dot)com

Good luck.

We will add up the scores and respond with a Winner.  The winner will receive a Dollar Bin prize pack including a Dollar Bin sticker, t-shirt and mini-comics, a sketched on Marvel sketch cover of your choice, and a collection of other creator mini-comics