Episode 309: Comics and Everything Part 3 - Problems Can't Be Fixed

Episode 309:  Comics and Everything Part 3 - Problems Can't Be Fixed

This may be the best of our series with Ashley Holt.  It should be.  It's like our 7th try.  In this episode we discuss all of the the comics community industry, what happened, what's happening, and what can be done.  Discussed topics include comic books vs Mad, libraries, the cult of comics, the vicious cycle, a possible conspiracy, and those strip guys getting it done.

Runtime 1 hour 12 minutes 23 seconds

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Episode 307: Comics and Everything Part One - Creators

Episode 307:  Comics and Everything Part One - Creators

Image by Ashley HoltThis week on the Dollar Bin we present part one of our series of discussions with Ashley Holt.  Looking back, this one really should have been posted before part two.  Get to know Ashley and ease in to his view on the world of comics.  Also, we discuss audio books.

Runtime 1 hour 7 minutes 33 seconds

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Episode 305: Comics and Everything Part Two - Growth

Ashley HoltThis week in the Dollar Bin I present to you a show like you’ve never heard before.  A show of descent and intrigue, faith, hope, and disapointment.  However, most setting it apart from any other show before it is Ashley Holt.  Funny thing, this is part two.  Keep and eye out for part one next week.

Runtime 1 hour 12 minutes 44 seconds

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Announcement: Weekly Check-In

Hey guys, it Adam.  I wanted to check in and let you know we haven’t forgotten about you.  I’ve been super busy at work (stupid day jobs).  We’re coming to the end of the HeroesCon panel recordings.  I have 2 lined up for you and I think there are about 3 more after that.  Next will be Manga Influenced Comics moderated by none other than myself.  It’s a super fun cast.

A few things I’ve recently read on the webs that I’m sure you all already know about is the announcement that the very wonderful Katheryn Immomen will be taking over writing on Journey into Mystery (I love that book), SPX is getting cooler and closer every day (can’t wait), and the sad passing of Joe Kubert (really do yourself a favor and read Tor if you haven’t.  Its some of the best story telling I’ve ever seen).

If you are in the east of the Missippi south of the Mason Dixon area be sure to stop by Spartanburg and check out Ashley Holt’s gallery showing, Four Hankie Triumph.