Discussion: Cola-Con 2012 and Villains

This past weekend the Columbia Museum of Art was home to Cola-Con 2012. Cola-Con is a fusion of art, music and culture (specifically comics and Hip-Hop) and Adam and Shawn are joined by Danny, who some of you may know as Cinlach to discuss the event.  Then, it being October, the topic changes to that of Villains. We all pick our favorites and try to determine differences between an Anti-Hero and an Anti-Villain. Join us next week when we talk Valiant Entertainment with Danny and have a special interview with editor, Jody LeHeup!

Runtime 41 minutes 43 seconds

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Discussion: Comical Resolutions 2011

Piggy backing off of Heather’s recent article of the very similar name a snowed in Shawn and Adam decided the best way to spend their time (and your’s) was to call Dollar Bin contributors and ask them what their Comic related resolutions of 2011 were.  Enjoy.

Runtime: 28 minutes 51 seconds

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Discussion: Comical Resolutions 2011