Episode 340: Monster Con 2014 Wrap Up

Left to right: Duane Ballenger, Wes Brooks, J Chris Campbell

Well, it's been a few weeks now since Monster Con 2014 wrapped up (with Richard's Comics, John and Iris, and Season of the Geek) , and even a few weeks since we (Wes Brooks and J Chris Campbell) recorded this wrap up show, but its gold.  Gold.  News since the recording:  Monster Con has announced a new location for 2015 in Gaffney, SC, near its cafe, Con Cafe.

Runtime 1 hour 24 minutes 10 seconds

Episode 308: Monstercon 2013

Episode 308:  Monstercon 2013

This past weekend Shawn and Adam attended Monster Con, a 3 day convention, right in their own back yard (almost literally).  Featured in this weeks coverage are Kells, Megan Wilson, Richard Morgan, and J Chris Campbell’s mom.  We also discuss Nerdicon, Cannon Canvas Comics, and The Big Scary Show.

Runtime 1 hour 19 minutes 5 seconds

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