Episode 346: Spotlight on Chris Brunner

Art by Chris Brunner

Artist Chris Brunner is very dear to the Dollar Bin podcast.  He's been with us since the semi-early days and our first appearance at the Charlotte Minicon (It makes me really sad that I can't find this interview mp3, so if you have it can you send it to me?) where we had a fascinating discussion on the effectiveness of a lightsaber on Luke Cage.  Chris has been captivating us over the years with amazing art, like what you can find in the comic Loose Ends.  He has also captured our hearts with his friendship, spirit, and lively, thought provoking discussions.  Thanks Chris.

Runtime 47 minutes 34 seconds

Segments: Dollar Bin Tell 'Em

Image by Jim MahfoodThis week on the Dollar Bin we bring together our first segment show of the new year.  Segment shows will (hopefully have a better name soon) consist of different Dollar Bin segments (so its not just a clever name) recordered at different times to build one fantastic adventure.  This weeks adventure will take you through, a special audio edition of Shawn Says, the very first Dollar Bin Comic Book Monlogue, Shawn and Adam Go To Comic Shops, Reading Tweets with Rob Liefeld, and What Goes Into a Good Comic Shop?

Runtime: 24 minutes 11 seconds

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Segments: Dollar Bin Tell 'Em

Episode 1: Creator Spotlight - Stan Lee

Stan Lee

Stan Lee

The Dollar Bin talks about Stan Lee and how he created the modern catalog of Marvel superheroes. His ability to create stories for today’s industry and readers is questioned. Jack Kirby and even Steve Ditko are not forgotten by our hosts and how their involvement helped shape the most famous of Marvel’s characters.

Runtime: hour minutes seconds