Discussion: Comics Madness Elimination 2012 Q1 Round 2

This week we, here at the Dollar Bin, bring to you a combination of comics love.  First, a cary-over from Valentine’s day is the Dollar Bin Definitive Top 5 Comics Couples.  That will be followed by round 2 of the Comics Madness Elimination.

Runtime 31 minutes 12 seconds

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Discussion: Borderlands Annual Sale 2012

This year Adam had to attend the Borderlands Annual Sale all by himself… for the most part.  To get him through this trying time he decided you bring you, the listener, along with him.  Of course, we won’t subject you to that until the end of the show.  First up is Adam and Shawn recapping the event along with a Dollar Bin Definitive Top 5: Comic Books Without Superheros.

Runtime 1 hour 24 minutes 32 seconds

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Discussion: On Trends and the Top 5 Logos

This week the Dollar Bin present a collection of discussions with a collection of participants covering comic trends Rappin’ with Richard, the Dollar Bin Definitive Top Five logos in comics, and the DC logo redesign, no relation.  Join Adam, Brian, Heather, Richard, Shacka, Shawn and Tee for a very bountiful adventure.

Runtime 51 minutes 39 seconds

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Discussion: Comics on the Couch 1122

In this weeks episode of the Dollar Bin we start things off with a little Dollar Bin Definitive Top 5:  Chattiest Characters in Comics then Adam and Shawn talk for a while about what they’ve been reading outside of the DC and Marvel universes.

* Never do a Google Images search for the word “Spontaneous.”

Runtime 52 minutes and 52 seconds

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