The Nerdy Dozen: Shopping Tips for the DC Fan on your list

Sadly the holiday season is upon us and that means gatherings, shopping and gift giving for a variety of friends, co-workers and family. If you are lucky, you have some nerds on your list so you can buy some fun stuff and not just suffer in stores you don’t like all season. With that in mind, here is a helpful list of some fun items featuring or inspired by DC Comics characters for the bat-fanatic on your list in escalating price order.



12) Who doesn’t love Legos?

And who doesn’t wish they had their own Batmobile? You can combine these two ideas into one very cheap gift this holiday season since Target is selling these special little build-a-Batmobile kits for just a couple of bucks! Batmobiles for everybody!!!



11) Who doesn’t love Pez?

Well not everybody, but I’m sure you have someone on your list that likes it. Everyone also has people on their list they want or need to get something for but on the cheap. Something like character based Pez dispensers are inexpensive and even somewhat thoughtful if you pick an appropriate character. It says “hey I like you enough to know you love Batman but not enough to spend more than $5”, and there is nothing wrong with saying those things.



10) Everybody drinks something right?

Not everyone drinks coffee but everyone seems to have coffee mugs. Or perhaps a beer mug, shot glass or for the healthier types a fancy water bottle is more their speed. Which ever beverage direction you choose to travel, the point is you can be geeky about it. If they love Batman you could probably fill their entire cabinet with various bat-drinking vessels.



9) Want to give that special someone something really creepy?

The Joker is going to be all over the bat-books this winter and is usually pretty popular anyway, so for someone you like but want to torment, how about this super creepy Joker plush doll? Seriously is this thing not one of the creepiest looking toys you’ve ever seen? “Merry Christmas and good luck sleeping with this thing in your bedroom!”


8) The Dark Knight Rises! Available now on Blu-Ray & DVD!

If you have someone on your list that liked this movie and does not own it, and your price range for them is $20-30, just go ahead and buy this. Not everyone loved the movie to pieces, at least as much as The Dark Knight, but if they’ve got the other 2 Nolan bat-flicks I’m sure they’ll want the full set.



7) Support their favorite comic shop!

Gift certificates are not bad gifts, because even gift certificates can be thoughtful. Giving someone a gift card to their favorite restaurant or in this case their favorite comic shop means you want to treat them to something you know they’d really enjoy. Plus it can be really difficult to buy a comic fan a book or trade that they don’t have, so giving them the funds to do that themselves is a good present.



6) Do the people on your list have walls?

So as you may or may not know, DC has launched a fancy new webstore filled with goodies. To me the best thing on this site is this selection and I am sure you can find something for the DCU fan on your list!



5) Send them to Oa!

Not really, but you could sorta bring Oa to them thanks to this awesome Fisher Price Imaginext Oa playset from their DC Super Friends line of toys. You and your pals (or some kids I guess) could have all sort of awesome battles defending Oa from deadly enemies like Sinestro or executives from Warner Brothers.



4) Buy them a pair of Converse!

If you know their shoe size and like them enough to spend the money, you could buy one of your pals their very own DC hero or villain themed kicks. These certainly aren’t for everyone but they are pretty cool and very geeky. Just remember, no one likes returning things, so make sure you get the right size.



3) Who didn’t love that Mortal Kombat vs DCU game?

A lot of people actually. But that still didn’t stop the folks at Warner Brothers from green lighting another DCU fighting game produced by NeatherRealm Studios called Injustice: Gods Among Us. Thankfully they did not included the kids from Mortal Kombat again, however it does seems to be the same styled game. So if you’ve got a gamer who is a DC fan on your list you could give them this, but only if they already have both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City.


2) Help them join the Green Lantern Corps! 

DC likes characters to have rings. Rings to keep their uniforms in, rings to help them fly, secret decoder rings and most of all “power” rings of various colors. This Christmas you could give someone on your list the power to be a colored lantern person of their choice! DC has and continues to release various replicas of Green (and other color) Lantern power rings and batteries so you will have numerous to decide from or hunt for of various prices even the movie prop pictured for around $150.



1) Buy them a “real” Batmobile!

Sort of, at least more real than the Lego version on this list. Kia has announced a series of DCU themed Kias starting with a Batmobile themed 2013 Kia Optima SX Limited. Eventually the other members of the new 52 Justice League will get their own Kias as well, but since Batman is the only one who actually uses a car I guess it made since his would be released first. This would have to be for someone very special on your Christmas list because from what I hear one of these is likely to cost you between $35,000 and $40,000.



So there you have it, a holiday and DC themed edition of the Dollar Bin’s Nerdy Dozen. Remember that during this celebrated season it is a time of sharing so please share this article or anything on our site with others. Also try to remember that it is better to give than to receive, so if possible when you’re out buying toys for your favorite geeks, remember to donate to organizations like Toys for Tots!