About the Show

We feel the Dollar Bin is a ground level source for comic book opinions and reviews. We try each week to release a new audio show featuring an organic and open discussion about our view of the comic industry. We talk new releases, classic tales, famous and favorite creators, interaction with our community, and sharing our experiences from comic related events. You also should expect to hear off-topic subjects like sports, movies, music, all sorts of current event topics and just about anything else that comes to mind. We try to be focused yet never want to close the door to any good conversation.

We are not stereotypical comic book geeks you’ll find from a cast of a teen movie. You won’t find any of us living in our mom’s basement or failing to live in the real world. We all have professional careers from graphic design to network engineering to bartending. We make an adult show, a really immature adult show, but a show for adults none the less. Our show is built around a group of friends who all grew up loving comics who want to share that love with as many people as we can.

Our History

In October of 2006 a small group of guys started to gather together at their local comic book store on Sunday nights with one thing in mind: to talk about and share their love of comics. But the idea was more than just to talk with each other, but to try to expand that small community of comic book fans. They wanted to take the atmosphere of a group of people talking at their local comic book shop or friends around their living room and share it with people who could not be there. And thus The Dollar Bin was born.

It started with a conversation between the owner of Acme Comics, Phil, and a customer, Kris. It would grow to include store customer and recording guru Adam and Acme employee Flaco and the concept was off and running. Brian, another customer at Acme was soon added, and the group began meeting and recording shows.

What began as a recording session on the off-day at Acme Comics would morph to begin recording on Wednesdays sometimes even during store hours. This would not only alter the shows sound but the voices involved as well. More and more customers of the store and friends of those getting involved would find their way onto the podcast. Guys like Tre, Devin and Robert would join in and soon become regulars. Guests like Jody, Will, Josh and Huy among others would also be featured and add to the fun.

But our changes and desire for expansion would not end there. The Dollar Bin would leave the confines of being at one store and look to expand their growing comic community. Taking the show to Richard’s Comics and Collectables, Heroes Con in Charlotte, SPX in Baltimore, the Greenville Comic Con, Fluke in Athens and our journeys are not done yet. Even more people would find their way to our microphones and become not only regular guests and listeners but friends as well. Our ever growing circle of contributors like Brendan, Shawn, Terence and many others continue to grow our community. There are more friends to meet, more stores to visit and a never ending list of topics and comics to have fun with.

The cast of characters and even the style and format of the show has and continues to change since those first recordings, but the fun we obviously have still remains. The community that the crew of the Dollar Bin hoped for continues to grow, and we hope you’ll be a part of it.