Episode 363: Year 10 - Interview with Jim Rugg

Jim Rugg and Adam (Photo by Shawn)

Since the day we met Jim Rugg at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find as part of the Afrodesiac tour, he has been a favorite of the Dollar Bin.  It is funny to realize that over the last 8 or so years, this is the first Dollar Bin vs Jim Rugg interview.  Sure, he has made appearances and has been reviewed and talked about in detail, but this is our first in-depth interview with him. Let's see if we can figure out what makes Jim Rugg tick. (I'm disappointed that we didn't get into his "On a Run" diary comics).

Interview: Patrick Durham, Writer & Director of Cross Wars

Pictured: Sheri Taylor, Jace Schirripa, Patrick Durham, Adam Daughhetee

Pictured: Sheri Taylor, Jace Schirripa, Patrick Durham, Adam Daughhetee

Recently, there was a signing at Richard's Comics and Collectables with writer and director of the Cross movie series, Patrick Durham with some of the local cast members, Sheri Taylor and Jace Schirropa.  We discuss what goes into making a movie, specifically the sequel in his Cross series, Cross Wars.

FLUKE 2015: A Review in Words and Pictures

Where does the time go? I thought we were going to do a FLUKE 2015 review podcast, but we never did. When FLUKE 2016 rolled around I was going to do an article reviewing the books we got, but I never finished it. So here it is, 2017 and FLUKE is around the corner. I am finally going to finish my review of FLUKE 2015! Better late than never?

Here is a list of the awesome things I picked up!

Heart Attack and Hulk Retired! and Strabismus by Jordan Fitch Mooney
Three Monsters, Defanged by J. Chris Campbell, Isaac Cates, and Mike Wenthe
F&$#wizards by Eleanor Davis
Dead Sexy by David Mack
Watercolor painting by Michele Chidester
Big Caramel by Jason Horn – Adam found Jason Horn’s first mini at Bizarro Wuxtry. We have been in there numerous times but for whatever reason neglected to pick it up. But we did this time and it was a fun read! Also, we picked up Aw Yeah! Comics #9 which has a Ninjasaur story in it.
“Be Quiet” fox print by Erin Gladstone
Atomic Elbow #13 with cover Sean Wars and back cover by The Hand of Beaver – Speaking of Atomic Elbow, I am a contributor on issue #11! You should pick it up and listen to me express my love of Dolph Ziggler.
How To Ignore People By Pretending To Read A Book by Lee Gatlin
FLUKE Souvenir Comic featuring Joey Weiser, Max Clotfelter, Rich Tommaso, Scott Stripling, Lee Gatlin, Patrick Dean, Sammy Herring, Michele Chidester, Justin Colussy Estes, and Judson Culver
Ghost Rider by various contributors
One-Eyed Dragon by Maggie Venable
Also we picked up a few things from Josh Nickerson who was our table buddy.

We bought some solid books and art this year. This was also the year I wore a shiny blue dress for some reason! I hate that it has taken me so long to post about the awesome stuff we bought! 2015 was a bit of a rough year for me health-wise. I’m so glad that I am better now than I was then. Adam and I are looking forward to FLUKE 2017. It will be April 29 and is held at the 40 Watt Club this year. Hope to see you there!

Special thank you to Heather Peagler she borrowed my camera and took pictures for me all day.

Dollar Bin Will Be at SC Comicon March 25 and 26

The next stop on the Dollar Bin 10 Year Anniversary World Tour will be at the TD Convention Center in Greenville, SC March 25 and 26 for SC Comicon!

We are excited to be set up selling our comics and zines and we are more excited to be debuting Comic Stars! issue 6! Comic Stars! is our annual themed zine that we publish through the help of friends that we have met while doing our podcast. The theme of this year’s zine is food and cooking. We are extremely proud of how this issue turned out. It features a tasty cover by Patrick Dean and includes long-time and first-time contributors like Archer Ballenger, Duane Ballenger, Carolyn Belefski, Joe Carabeo, Kris Black, Stacey Black, Jeremy Brooks, John Burgin, J Chris Campbell, Bridgit Connell, Jared Cullum, J.T. Davidson, Henry Eudy, Andy Finkle, Alexander Lay, Brandon Padgett, Eraklis Petmezas, Phouthong Phimmarath, Mitch Rogers, Matthew D. Smith, Shannon Smith, and Enoch Vaughn!

Art by Kris Black

Art by Kris Black

The Dollar Bin is bringing along a few of our friends this year. We will be sharing our table with Kris Black who will be selling his Visionaries trading cards series. Also, Joey Weiser will be joining us selling his comics. I’m sure you have heard us sing his praises on Joey's SpongeBob Comics, Mermin, and Monster Isle. Shawn Daughhetee will be there selling concept art from her story for the Sweaty Palms Anthology. Be sure to stop by Artist Alley table 1025 to say “hi” and pick up some books, zines, t-shirts, buttons, stickers, cards, or art!

We are looking forward to hanging out with friends, digging through comics and toys, and meeting the guests and creators. We are always happy to stop by Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find, Purgatory Comics, Ssalefish Comics, Richard’s Comics and Collectables, and tons of other awesome vendors at the show. We can’t wait to talk to Mark Waid, Mike Zeck, Denny O’Neil, and Mike Grell. Too many friends of the Dollar Bin are going to be there to mention, so check out the Guest List page for complete details!

There are also events and panels going on all weekend. Be sure to check out the Cosplay Contest, Kids Coloring Contest, and photo ops with celebs. On Saturday night at the Hilton stop by the Drink and Draw for awesome art for two awesome causes. Proceeds made at the Drink and Draw will go to Team Cul de Sac for Parkinson’s Research and the Hero Initiative to help support comic creators.

Book by Joey Weiser

Book by Joey Weiser

Dollar Bin is helping with panels this year and will moderate three of them. Saturday at Noon Adam Daughhetee will moderate a spotlight with Veronica Taylor focusing on her career as a voice actor. Also on Saturday, Brian Eison will moderate a panel featuring some of the prominent writers at the show including Tini Howard, Van Jensen, Ron Marz, and Mark Waid. On Sunday Shawn Daughhetee will moderate a panel on what it means to be a comic book artist with guests Frank Cho, Sanford Greene, Bart Sears, and Wilfredo Torres. Check out the Panel Schedule for more details.

SC Comicon is put on by the hardworking folks at Borderlands Comics and Games. Come out and support comics while having fun!

Stay tuned to find out where we will be attending next!

Sneak peak of Patrick Dean's art for the cover of Comic Stars! #6 debuting at SC Comicon.

Sneak peak of Patrick Dean's art for the cover of Comic Stars! #6 debuting at SC Comicon.

Episode 362: Year 10 - Interview with Shawn Daughhetee

Here comes another installment of our Year 10 - Interview series. She first entered the scene as the "Lovely Shawn Reynolds" but before you could flip the page she became Mrs. Shawn Daughhetee. Adam interviews his favorite wife about her career in comics and the important role the Dollar Bin played in shaping her life. Shawn opens up and tells rarely heard personal stories about her inspiration in Rachelle Goguen, her relationship with her father, and her early days at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find.

Runtime 1 hour 6 minutes 31 seconds

Adam interviews Shawn.

Adam interviews Shawn.

Episode 361: Year 10 - Interview with J Chris Campbell

Adam of the Dollar Bin interviews J Chris Campbell

It could be claimed that J Chris Campbell is the non-direct Dollar Bin member most integral to the podcasts success and longevity.  In this interview Adam and J Chris journey through the many years of J Chris' career in comics as well as his very close, healthy, and fruitful relationship with the Dollar Bin.  Check out some of those free digital anthologies we mention here:  https://issuu.com/jchriscampbell

Episode 360: Year 10 - Interview with Adam

J Chris Campbell interviews Adam of the Dollar Bin

In the first of a series of Dollar Bin 10 year anniversary celebration interviews, J Chris Campbell turns the table on Adam and hijacks the interview to ask Adam questions about the Dollar Bin.  They discuss the secret origin of the podcast as well as its mysterious future.

Link to the first Dollar Bin episode:  Episode 1:  Creator Spotlight - Stan Lee

Midlife Comic Crisis: Following a Dream to Become a Comic Artist

Illustration by Kris Black

Illustration by Kris Black

All my life I’ve wanted to be a comic artist.

As a teenager, I wanted to draw pages like John Romita Jr., Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Mark Bagley, and Art Adams. I practiced for hours inking over my pencils hoping I’d become as good as Klaus Janson or Scott Williams.

In college, I studied the work of Bill Watterson, creator of everyone’s favorite six-year-old boy and his tiger. When I declared my major as a graphic designer I saw the art of typography and lettering with new eyes. I fell in love with comic book lettering. I wanted to be as steady as John Workman and efficient as John Roshell from Comicraft.

After graduating I knew I was a better graphic designer than a comic artist so I took my first graphic design job. Years later I shifted into web and interaction design, but I still long to be a comic artist.

I decided that 2017 is the year I pursue my dream of becoming a comic artist. Nothing too ambitious or life changing. I love my day job and career, but I want to make sure I don’t ignore my passion. I’m starting small, focused on using my skills as an interactive designer and cartoonist.

On January 28, 2017, I will exhibit at the 40th anniversary of Charlotte Mini-Con. I’ll be there promoting my creation called Visionary Creator Trading Card Series.

I won’t be going alone to Charlotte Mini-Con. Adam Daughhetee of Dollar Bin agreed to go with me. He’ll be there selling Dollar Bin merchandise.

Having attended many comic conventions as a collector and fan, I know what to expect. Yet, I can’t prepare myself for the experience of being an artist selling my own stuff. I’m so excited and can’t wait to promote my work.

A part of me is a little scared about this, but I know I’ll be okay and have a lot of fun.

I’ll post more in the coming days about the Visionary Creator series. If anyone is planning on attending Charlotte Mini-Con let us know in the comments.

Episode 359: Halloween Special 2016 Lost Footage

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 11.21.00 PM.png

Last week on the Dollar Bin podcast, the feed was interrupted by a mysterious 1962 radio drama. This caused out listeners to miss out on a portion of our Halloween book recommendations.  We have gathered the missing footage and return you to your regularly scheduled program.

Runtime 32 minutes 40 seconds

Episode 359: Halloween Special 2016

Welcome to another episode of the Dollar Bin.  This week, to rev up for Halloween and Comicsfest, Adam, Shawn, and special guest Josh, discuss some of their favorite horror, scary, spooky comics that they are reading.  Did someone say Comicsfest?  We will be at Richard's Comics and Collectables helping out, along with many guest artists, including Dollar Bin participants, J Chris Campbell, Duane Ballenger, Wes, Brooks, and Joey Weiser.

Books discussed in this episode include:  Swamp Thing, Nail Biter, Harrow County, Sixth Gun, Baltimore, Joe Golem, Fatale, Dagon, She Wolf, October Faction, Broken Moon, Wytches, Ghosts, Manifest Destiny, Cemetery Blues, Trees, and Clean Room

Runtime 1 hour 2 minutes 24 seconds

Dollar Bin Reviews: GUY GARDNER WARRIOR No. 29

As Reviewed by John Astin

Publisher: DC Comics March 1995
Writer: Beau Smith
Pencils: Phil Jimenez
Inks: John Stokes, Dan Davis

What is this: This issue takes place more than a year after the Green Lantern Corps collectively is killed and/or disbanded again (as is the cyclical nature of the franchise). At one point, Guy Gardner used to be one of Sector 2814’s many space cops (Earth is an interstellar trailer park, y’know) but after DC whacked the Green Lanterns by a rouge Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner was too popular to throw away but not enough to keep around. As a result, Guy is booted from the Corps, has his replacement gold ring removed from his days as an independent ring-slinger and, now, his human DNA by revealing him to be a member of the alien Vuldarin race who shape-shift their hands into melee weapons and have tattoos designed by finger-painting toddlers. DC editorial did manage to keep Guy Gardner's love-to-hate jackass demeanor, though.

So what happens: Guy Gardner is opening Warrior’s, his Planet Hollywood-esque restaurant and bar, with a smorgasbord of DC’s intellectual properties in attendance. And like most parties where more than five meta-human meatheads who are being served alcohol, all hell breaks loose. There’s a bar fight, penis jokes and running gags galore.

What’d you think: It’s a fun issue. Phil Jimenez, who would later jump to Wonder Woman, is spot-on in this issue. Like most guys from School of Detail (the George Perez wing, in Jimenez’s case), the coloring technology and printing capabilities hurt the art. There is a ton of detailed work and variety of characters popping up to include appearances by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis. Series writer Beau Smith did a decent job capturing the chaotic energy of a large event frequently jumping scenes but connecting them all with running gags such as the longer Tiger-Man's insistence people "pet his fur." The only beef is that I didn’t know the significance of Guy Gardner being Vuldarin, which is a big deal since Darkseid himself is spying on Warrior’s grand opening via Apokolips.

Comic book movies rule, will I like this: Probably not. If you’re a fan of the Green Lantern cartoons or film, this is very far removed from it and a bit heavy in at-the-time DC continuity with its myriad of inside jokes.

Is this online: There are a few issues of Guy Gardner: Warrior available on Comixology, but not this particular issue. Weird. This is an online or brick-and-mortar store purchase, but it’s likely to be in a quarter bin at a show.

On a side note: This issue has a special cover allowing you to open the doors to Warrior’s to see the chaos inside.

Episode 358: SPX 2016 Reviews

Episode 358:  SPX 2016 Reviews

Adam and Shawn survived another Small Press Expo (not that it was a challenge) and it was a great experience.  In this episode of the Dollar Bin (we call it a review show, but it's not like a "this was good/this was bad review, it's more of a "going over things" type review) they discuss the books they picked up.

For a list of all of the books we review, click the episode to read more.

Runtime 1 hour 39 minutes 35 seconds

Episode 358:  SPX 2016 Reviews

Read More

Episode 356: Post HeroesCon 2016 Part 2

Free chokings at HeroesCon

Free chokings at HeroesCon

As always, HeroesCon was a blast!  Possibly the best HeroesCon ever.  So much fun.  There were friends, art, comics, and just a good good time.  Don't take my word for it.  Listen to what Adam, Shawn, Wes and Danny have to say about how awesome HeroesCon 2016 was.

Runtime 1 hour 23 minutes 59 seconds

Label by Wes Brooks.  Hot Sauce by Adam and Shawn.

Episode 356: Post HeroesCon 2016 Part 1

Work in Progress Painting by Jared Cullum

Work in Progress Painting by Jared Cullum

As always, HeroesCon was a blast!  Possibly the best HeroesCon ever.  So much fun.  There were friends, art, comics, and just a good good time.  Don't take my word for it.  Listen to what Adam, Shawn, Wes and Danny have to say about how awesome HeroesCon 2016 was.

And don't forget to check out Electric City ComiCon coming up in August.

Runtime 1 hour 19 minutes 37 seconds

Episode 357: Post Dragon Con 2016 Part 2

For the first time ever, the Dollar Bin attended Dragon Con, with a little help from their friends.  Join Adam and Shawn as they continue to discuss their adventure through the strange trippy dimension of fantasy and cosplay.  In this episode, we discuss Sunday and thank yous.  What is that mention of Instagram (@DollarBinProductions)? Also, a contest?

Runtime 1 hour 4 minutes 20 seconds

Episode 357: Post Dragon Con 2016 Part 1

For the first time ever, the Dollar Bin attended Dragon Con, with a little help from their friends.  Join Adam and Shawn as they discuss their adventure through the strange trippy dimension of fantasy and cosplay.  In this episode, we set the stage and discuss Saturday.  What is that mention of Instagram (@DollarBinProductions) Also, a contest?

Runtime 1 hour 1 minute 18 seconds

Dollar Bin Reviews: Longshot Number 1

As Reviewed by John Aston
Publisher: Marvel Comics Sept. 1985
Writer: Ann Nocenti
Pencils: Art Adams
Inks: Bill Anderson, Whilce Portacio

What is this: Longshot No. 1 debuts one of Marvel’s "third-generation" of new mutants with equally vague powers similar to the probability-shifting Scarlett Witch: he changes luck. Longshot, a 6-issue mini-series published ten years out from Giant-Size X-Men and two years after the New Mutants debuted expand the mutant menace known as the X-Men continuity.

So what happens: Longshot, primarily known as the three-fingered hero from the Mojoverse, appears in New York City on the run from enemies unknown and with a severe case of amnesia as he embarks of a fairy-tale like quest searching for a kidnapped infant taking the company of a paranoid survivalist, a mysterious anamorphic dog-like being only the main character encounters and a the missing child's single-mother. Their trek leads them to a clan of demons in their stronghold outside the city.

What’d you think: I’m actually not a fan of Longshot or the whole Mojo thing; having a reality-show themed murder world was extremely ahead of its time in the mid-80s, which is when I first began reading X-Men at the ripe old age of 9-years-old. The biting commentary regarding television network practices was lost on me at the time and nowadays been-there, heard that.

Ann Nocenti, whose comic career revived in DC’s New 52 reboot and authored an extremely underrated and overlooked Daredevil run in the 80s, seemingly cuts the book’s tether to reality. New York didn’t feel grounded in reality and as the issue progresses causing a loss of bearings as to where I am. Longshot has an intentional vagueness of a fable with general settings: city, the woods, demon world. You know you are in New York City but it doesn't feel that way.

Arthur Adams' art is a work-in-progress. He’s not the artist known for slick and beautifully rendered line work he produces today, but the pages drawn in 1985 do show a man evolving from traditional comic figures to an Americanized anime. The hyper detail is there, and at the time, rivaled George Perez. It should be noted the coloring process and technology 30 years ago was stone age quality and takes away from the visuals.

Comic book movies rule, will I like this: Longshot doesn’t seem to be involved in the X-Men films, yet. He’s not really a prominent X-Man either hitting his stride in X-Men writer and creative godfather Chris Claremont’s run during the late 80s and early, early 90s. Longshot sporadically makes appearances here and there but, really, his time was up by the time the X-Men cartoon first aired on Fox. Fans who only partake of comic-related TV and film may want to skip over this one.

Is this online: This particular Longshot mini-series (there are others) at the time of this writing is not available via legal digital download. However the mini-series was collected in a 2008 hardcover and later in 2013 in softcover. The single issues and collections are available at online comic stores and many brick-and-mortar shops.

On a side note: When I look at the 1985 Longshot art, I can see where Rob Liefeld could have been influenced visually. Also, Art Adams will be at the 2015 HeroesCon in Charlotte, N.C.