Episode 363: Year 10 - Interview with Jim Rugg

Jim Rugg and Adam (Photo by Shawn)

Since the day we met Jim Rugg at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find as part of the Afrodesiac tour, he has been a favorite of the Dollar Bin.  It is funny to realize that over the last 8 or so years, this is the first Dollar Bin vs Jim Rugg interview.  Sure, he has made appearances and has been reviewed and talked about in detail, but this is our first in-depth interview with him. Let's see if we can figure out what makes Jim Rugg tick. (I'm disappointed that we didn't get into his "On a Run" diary comics).

Interview: Patrick Durham, Writer & Director of Cross Wars

Pictured: Sheri Taylor, Jace Schirripa, Patrick Durham, Adam Daughhetee

Pictured: Sheri Taylor, Jace Schirripa, Patrick Durham, Adam Daughhetee

Recently, there was a signing at Richard's Comics and Collectables with writer and director of the Cross movie series, Patrick Durham with some of the local cast members, Sheri Taylor and Jace Schirropa.  We discuss what goes into making a movie, specifically the sequel in his Cross series, Cross Wars.

Episode 362: Year 10 - Interview with Shawn Daughhetee

Here comes another installment of our Year 10 - Interview series. She first entered the scene as the "Lovely Shawn Reynolds" but before you could flip the page she became Mrs. Shawn Daughhetee. Adam interviews his favorite wife about her career in comics and the important role the Dollar Bin played in shaping her life. Shawn opens up and tells rarely heard personal stories about her inspiration in Rachelle Goguen, her relationship with her father, and her early days at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find.

Runtime 1 hour 6 minutes 31 seconds

Adam interviews Shawn.

Adam interviews Shawn.

Episode 361: Year 10 - Interview with J Chris Campbell

Adam of the Dollar Bin interviews J Chris Campbell

It could be claimed that J Chris Campbell is the non-direct Dollar Bin member most integral to the podcasts success and longevity.  In this interview Adam and J Chris journey through the many years of J Chris' career in comics as well as his very close, healthy, and fruitful relationship with the Dollar Bin.  Check out some of those free digital anthologies we mention here:  https://issuu.com/jchriscampbell

Episode 355: Interview with Mark Alessi

Credits from Ruse issue 1

Credits from Ruse issue 1

It's been a while since our last post and they seem fewer and further in between, but when we post, we are making it count.  Case in point, this week on the Dollar Bin, Joel and Adam bring you an interview with one of the principle founders of CrossGen Entertainment, for the first time in over ten years, Mark Alessi.  In the interview Alessi shoots straight in an attempt to put an end to the inaccuracies and noise that surrounds him from his day with CrossGen.  In an effort to do such, he regales stories of Mark Waid, Ron Marz, Joshua Middleton, Dexter Vines, Scot Eaton, Bart Sears, Joe QuesadaSteven Spielberg, and more.

Runtime 1 hour 12 minutes 36 seconds

HeroesCon 2015: Hip Hop Family Tree Panel

Cover by Ed Piskor

Cover by Ed Piskor

The Dollar Bin’s ADAM DAUGHHETEE talks Hip Hop Family Tree-the groundbreaking series from Fantagraphics- with writer/artist and Eisner Award winner, ED PISKOR.

Runtime 52 minutes 35 seconds

SC Comicon 2015: Art of Sci-fi

Art by Georges Jeanty

Art by Georges Jeanty

Sci-Fi is a staple theme in comic books, yes, even superhero ones.  Artists, Kelly Yates (Dr Who) and Georges Jeanty (Serenity), discuss their contributions to the Sci-Fi genre of comics in a panel that is out of this world.

Moderated by Adam Daughhetee

Runtime 43 minutes 3 seconds

SC Comicon 2015: Breaking into Comics

Learn from up and comers who are just entering the comics industry.  Bridgit Connell, Joey Weiser, and Jackie Lewis talk about the trials and tribulations leading up to turning comics into a paying gig.

Moderated by: Brian Eison

Runtime 57 minutes 2 seconds

SC Comicon 2015: Cover Artists

Cover art by Chris Brunner and Rico Renzi

Cover art by Chris Brunner and Rico Renzi

You walk into your local comic shop and what do you see?  Comic book covers everywhere.  In a sea of images, it’s the comic book cover’s job to draw your attention.  In this SC Comicon panel, cover artists Dave Dorman, Chris Brunner, and Sanford Greene give you the low down on what goes into designing the right cover for the job.

Moderated by: Adam Daughhetee

Runtime 1 hour 8 minutes 50 seconds

SC Comicon 2015: Board Games

Ever wonder how people keep coming up with ideas for great board games year after year?  Join board game creators, Richard Launius in a SC Comicon panel discussion about board games and get an answer to that question, “How do you do it?”

Moderated by Josh Dean

Runtime 1 hour 10 minutes 41 seconds

SC Comicon 2015: Allen Bellman

In this SC Comicon 2015 panel Golden Age artist, Allen Bellman was there before even Marvel, which at the time was Timely Comics.  He was working on Captain America in the actual 1940’s.   Join us in a discussion spotlighting Allen Bellman’s golden career in comics.

Moderated by Adam Daughhetee
Images by Indulge Images

Runtime: 40 minutes 17 seconds

Episode 349: Curls and Ninjasaur Kickstarter Promotion

This week Adam and Shawn decided it was time well spent to help promote a couple of currently running Kickstarters by some close friends of the Dollar Bin.  First up is Curls Studio who are promoting their Kickstarter for Curls:  The Ultimate Book Collection, which is a collection of Carolyn Belefski's Curls comic strip.  Next, we talk with Jason Horn , creator of Ninjasaur to help spread the word on his Kickstarter for Collection Volume 2 of his Ninjasaur Webcomic.  I hope you enjoy and take the time to check these worthwhile projects out.

Runtime 59 minutes 05 seconds

Episode 341: Rob-Con and Charlotte Comicon Summer 2014

Art by Jeremy Massie:  http://massieisadeadbeat.blogspot.com/

Shawn and Adam visited two  new to them conventions this summer, Rob-Con in Bristol, TN and the Charlotte Comicon at its new to them location in Charlotte, NC.  Both conventions were a great time and in the process they picked up some interviews along the way with Neil Bramlette (Out of Step Arts), Shannon Smith, and Matthew D Smith (Bee Sting). 

Show art my Jeremy Massie

Runtime 1 hour 26 minutes 40 seconds

Episode 332: Free Comic Book Day 2014

Welcome to the show.  I hope you had a good Free Comic Book Day.  I know we did.  Don't believe us?  Give the show a listen.  Oh, you'll see.  Also, we are less than two weeks away from SC ComiCon.  We'll talk about that some too.

Runtime:  1 hour 7 minutes 12 seconds

Episode 331a: FLUKE 2014 Interviews

Episode 331a:  FLUKE 2014 Interviews

Another year and another fantastic FLUKE.  Adam, Shawn, and Devin journeyed to mythical Athens, GA for their annual visit to FLUKE.  This go around Adam picked up interviews with Robert Newsome, Rich Tommaso, Patrick Dean, Andy Runton, Wes Brooks, and Adam Casey.  Who's that I hear on the wrap up portion?  That would be returning guest, Josh Dean.

Runtime 1 hour 19 minutes 50 seconds

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Episode 329: Interview with Chris Visions

Episode 329:  Interview with Chris Visions

This week on the show we have Chris Visions, who Terence tackled and dragged into the studio by his hair.  Chris is the artist on the book Dead Letters, which has issue one hitting the shelf this very Wednesday.  Doing interviews with the Dollar Bin is a lot of fun.  This interview is an example of said fun.

Runtime 46 minutes 34 seconds

Episode 329:  Interview with Chris Visions

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Episode 328: Interview with John Layman and Rob Guillory

Episode 328:  Interview with John Layman and Rob Guillory

With big thanks to Joel, Adam and Tee got to spend some digital time with the creators of the great Image book, Chew, starring Cibopath, Tony Chu.  Listen in as John Layman and Rob Guillory talk shop and whatnot.

Runtime 55 minutes 52 seconds

Episode 328:  Interview with John Layman and Rob Guillory

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Episode 327: Interview with Paul Maybury

Episode 327:  Interview with Paul Maybury

So Terence and Adam had a great time talking with Paul Maybury and they decided that they would share most of it with you.  You should thank them.  Paul's latest work on the shelf is art on Joe Casey's Catalyst and next week you'll see his art gracing the pages of Sovereign, written by Chris Roberson.  If you haven't yet, you should definitely look him up.

Runtime 1 hour 6 minutes 10 seconds

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