Episode 349: Curls and Ninjasaur Kickstarter Promotion

This week Adam and Shawn decided it was time well spent to help promote a couple of currently running Kickstarters by some close friends of the Dollar Bin.  First up is Curls Studio who are promoting their Kickstarter for Curls:  The Ultimate Book Collection, which is a collection of Carolyn Belefski's Curls comic strip.  Next, we talk with Jason Horn , creator of Ninjasaur to help spread the word on his Kickstarter for Collection Volume 2 of his Ninjasaur Webcomic.  I hope you enjoy and take the time to check these worthwhile projects out.

Runtime 59 minutes 05 seconds

Episode 346: Spotlight on Chris Brunner

Art by Chris Brunner

Artist Chris Brunner is very dear to the Dollar Bin podcast.  He's been with us since the semi-early days and our first appearance at the Charlotte Minicon (It makes me really sad that I can't find this interview mp3, so if you have it can you send it to me?) where we had a fascinating discussion on the effectiveness of a lightsaber on Luke Cage.  Chris has been captivating us over the years with amazing art, like what you can find in the comic Loose Ends.  He has also captured our hearts with his friendship, spirit, and lively, thought provoking discussions.  Thanks Chris.

Runtime 47 minutes 34 seconds

Interview with Cliff Chiang

Just like the ads say, MySpace really is a place for friends. To keep in touch with old ones, make new ones and to then bug some of them for interviews. This of course brings us to our new friend and incredibly talented artist Cliff Chiang, who was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule for this interview.



Brian - Do you remember what your introduction to comics was and when you decided that you wanted to work in the industry?

Cliff - I knew about comics, but didn’t really follow them until my older brother started buying them. Mostly Marvel stuff: X-Men, Fantastic Four, etc. We were really into it for a few years but stopped reading when it got harder to track down issues after things went to the direct market system. I got back into comics in college, after reading Sandman and Hellblazer, and that’s when I realized that maybe comics could be a career for me.

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