Episode 304: Comics Elimination 2013 Round 3 and 4

This week on the Dollar Bin we tackle the Rounds of 16 and 8 of the Comics Book Elimination Challange.  We also get to know a little more about contributor, Ted, and recap up-to-date bracket results with Shawn.  If you missed last weeks show because I posted it late, be sure to go back and get it.

Runtime 30 minutes 32 seconds

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Episode 303: Comics Elimination 2013 Round 2

Image by Sanford GreeneIt’s that waaaay past time again to work our way through the Dollar Bin Comics Elimination Challange.  This week you will hear us narrow down the list to 16.  Who will make the cut?  How should I know.  We recorded this 3 months ago.  Also, special guest Sanford Greene helps us kick things off, so we can help promote his upcoming Kickstarter project.

Runtime 40 minutes 18 seconds

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Episode 301: Comics Elimination 2013 Round 1

Image by Robert UllmanWell, it’s that time of year again… a few months ago.  It’s that time again for the Dollar Bin crew to put their vote where there mouth is and work together to decide the greatest comic series of our time.  Or, at least what’s cool.  This is Round One of comics elimination.  Anything that’s gets past us here is a least worth checking out.

Runtime 51 minutes 49 seconds

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Discussion: Comics Madness Elimination 2012 Q1 Finals

This week the DB makes up for lost time and closes out the last three rounds of the Comics Madness Elimination Tournament.  Participants include:  Invincible, Uncanny X-Force, Scalped, Unwritten, Fables, GI Joe, Batman, and American Vampire.  Who will move on to greatness and who will fall short?

Runtime 48 minutes 11 seconds

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Discussion: Comics Madness Elimination 2012 Q1 Round 2

This week we, here at the Dollar Bin, bring to you a combination of comics love.  First, a cary-over from Valentine’s day is the Dollar Bin Definitive Top 5 Comics Couples.  That will be followed by round 2 of the Comics Madness Elimination.

Runtime 31 minutes 12 seconds

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Discussion: Comics Madness Elimination 2012 Q1 Round 1

This week we discuss the first round of the Dollar Bin Comics Madness Elimination Challange 2012 Q1 R1.  What the hell is that?  Its our own little flavor of March Madness where we will be narrowing down (over the next few weeks) the cream of the crop comics currently on the shelves (except for Avengers vs X-Men) Dollar Bin style.

Runtime 37 minutes 11 seconds

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