Episode 348: Ask a Black Nerd Part 1

Pictured Left to Right:  Ted, Terence, Trevor

Dollar Bin Productions in conjunction with Ask a Black Friend, presents to you the very special episode of Ask a Black Nerd.  We opened up our lines (Facebook) and you asked questions.  You may not like them, but here are your answers.

Discussion: Comics on the Couch 316

Welcome to Dollar Bin Comics on the Couch.  Your hosts for this evening are Adam and Shawn.  Join us as we bring the world of comics to you from our couch to yours.  This week we discuss what recent comics we’ve been reading, some stand out TPBs and OGNs, and a little dramma.  Plus, everyones favorite, Comics w/ Minori-Tee.

Runtime 43 minutes 41 seconds

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Discussion: Comics on the Couch 316