HeroesCon 2015: Cover Design Panel

HeroesCon 2015:  Cover Design Panel

What makes a great cover stand out on the crowded comics’ shelves? Mental Floss columnist RICH BARRETT discusses this with FRANCIS MANAPUL (Flash), DAVE JOHNSON (Silk), JIM RUGG (Street Angel), TULA LOTAY (Supreme: Blue Rose) and NATHAN FOX (Captain Victory).

Runtime 1 hour 1 minute 24 seconds

HeroesCon 2015:  Cover Design Panel

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HeroesCon 2015: Hip Hop Family Tree Panel

Cover by Ed Piskor

Cover by Ed Piskor

The Dollar Bin’s ADAM DAUGHHETEE talks Hip Hop Family Tree-the groundbreaking series from Fantagraphics- with writer/artist and Eisner Award winner, ED PISKOR.

Runtime 52 minutes 35 seconds

HeroesCon 2015: Historical Comics Panel

Art by Matthew Roberts

Art by Matthew Roberts

The Dollar Bin’s ADAM DAUGHHETEE discusses the challenges and influences involved with creating historically based comic stories with CHRIS SCHWEIZER (Crogan’s Adventures), ED PISKOR (Macedonia, The Beats) and MATTHEW ROBERTS (Manifest Destiny).

Runtime 57 minutes 28 seconds

HeroesCon 2015: Teaching Comics Through a Historical Context

HeroesCon 2015: Teaching Comics Through a Historical Context

Whether it is Watchmen, Maus, Batman, or Spider-Man all comics are a representation of the time of their creation. Join us as we consider how best to put comics in a historical context. In this discussion we will be focusing on how comics can give insight into history and vice-versa. Panelists include WILL ALLRED (University of Arkansas), TOM HEINTJES (Hogan’s Alley), ANDY KUNKA (Comics Alternative, USC Sumter), BRIAN PUACA (Christopher Newport University), and DEREK ROYAL (Comics Alternative, Brown Books), with SHAWN DAUGHHETEE moderating.

Runtime 1 hour 9 minutes 20 seconds

HeroesCon 2015: Teaching Comics Through a Historical Context

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HeroesCon 2014: Teaching Comics Forum - Teaching Difficult Texts

With the increased spotlight on teaching controversial material in schools we thought it would be fun to discuss methods and approaches for teaching difficult comics and graphic novels. Planned topics include: racial stereotypes, violence, and sexuality. That being said, Parental Guidance is suggested as the conversation may steer toward mature content. Panelists include Mike Kobre (Queens University), Andy Kunka (USC), Dana Hayward (HarperCollins Publishers) and moderator Shawn Daughhetee (The School of Hard Knocks).

Runtime 57 minutes 12 seconds

HeroesCon 2014: Indie Creators

Indie Island shirts by Aaron Conley and Maris Wicks

The DOLLAR BIN’s ADAM DAUGHHETEE sits down with some of the most talented denizens of INDIE ISLAND. Adam will chew the fat with AARON CONLEY (Sabretooth Swordsman), SCOTT C. (Amazing Everything), JIM RUGG (Supermag), BENJAMIN MARRA (Blades and Lazers) and ALEXIS ZIRITT (The Package). Miss this one at your own peril!

Runtime 54 minutes 39 seconds

HeroesCon 2013 Mega Music Panel: On the Intersection(s) of Comics and Music

Comics and music share a lot of affinities-both depend heavily on rhythm and intervals,and many cartoonists are also musicians-and cartoonist Ben Towle and blogger Craig Fischer have organized a diverse smorgasbord of a panel to explore these affinities. Ben will discuss the many ways cartoonists represent music visually, and will chair a wide-ranging panel on comics and music with Peter Bagge (Hate, Yeah!), Ed Piskor (Hip Hop Family Tree), Andrew Robinson and Vivek J Tiwary (The Fifth Beatle). Craig will talk about the work of Marc Weidenbaum, an editor, teacher, and musician who's been combining comics and music in his creative projects for over two decades. And Charlotte, NC avant-duo Ghost Trees (Brent Bagwell on saxophone, Seth Nanaa on drums) will participate in two live comics/music performances, including a soundtrack for Joe Lambert's "Turtle Keep it Steady," a rock-n-roll retelling of the Tortoise-Hare fable!

HeroesCon 2012: Covers Painting (Covers Mini Series Part 3)

Is there anything better than a painted comic cover?  I suggest, no—no, there is not.  But, plan to join moderator Shawn Daughhetee from the Dollar Bin as she talks oil, canvas and brushes with Chrissie Zullo, Earl Norem, Dave Cooper, Phil Noto and Jim Silke.

Runtime 46 minutes 48 seconds

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HeroesCon 2012: Manga Inspired Cartoonists

It’s EAST vs WEST, but this time it’s personal.  Meet the Manga influenced artists Ben Caldwell (Wonder Woman), Becky Cloonan (Wolves), Sanford Greene (Deadpool), Jerry Gaylord (Zombies vs Fanboys), and Jarrett Williams (Super Pro KO) with Adam Daughhetee stuck in the middle.  EPIC!

Runtime:  1 hour 11 minutes 57 seconds

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HeroesCon 2012: First X-Men #1

The Beatles never got back together.  Harlan Ellson never released Final Dangerous Visions, Harry Houdini never really came back from the dead, but sometimes seemingly impossible dreams do come true—Neal Adams is returning to the X-Men!!  Join Mr. Adams and scribe Christos Gage for an exciting preview of First X-Men.  And just wait ‘til you meet our Sentinel Jason Wheatley.

Runtime 59 minutes 07 seconds

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HeroesCon 2012: Tell Me Something I Don't Know with Mike Mignola

So what if the NPR Car Talk guys are calling it quits??? To fill the void, we have Mike Mignola sitting down to talk with Jim Rugg for a scintillating episode of must-hear podcast Tell Me Something I Don’t Know.  Since Hellboy can’t say it, I will—“Crap!”

This and other podcast can be found on there site.  I recommend checking it out.

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HeroesCon 2012: Rocketeer at 30 Panel

HeroesCon 2012:  Rocketeer at 30 Panel

Happy birthday Rocketeer.  You may be years old, but you’re as fresh and exciting a concept as ever.  Join moderator B Clay Moore as he discusses the Rocketeer Adventures anthology with contributors Laura Martin, Tommy Lee Edwards, Eric Canete, Stephanie Buscema, Tony Harris, and Jim Silke.  In addition to Adventures, they will remember creator Dave Stevens and his magnificent art.

Runtime 1 hour 3 minutes 57 seconds

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HeroesCon 2012: DC 52

Heroescon’s own Doug Merkle has been a life-long Marvel reader who tried all of the new DC 52 and liked what he read.  So join him as he sits down with Cully Hamner (Blue Beetle), Ivan Reis (Aquaman), Scott Snyder (Swamp Thing), Jeff Lemire (Animal Man), and Joe Prado (Green Lantern).

Runtime 55 minutes 48 seconds

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HeroesCon 2012: Summer of Valiant

Valiant Comics is back with a vengeance!  Get the full story behind the most anticipated comics’ return of the decade right here at HeroesCon 2012!  Join the Valiant team along with creators Robert Venditti (X-O Manowar), Cary Nord (X-O Manowar), and Clayton Henry (Archer & Armstrong) for surprise announcements and a behind-the-scenes behind the Summer of Valiant!

Runtime 52 minutes 41 seconds

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HeroesCon 2012: Vertigo Visions

Only one thing can stop Skinner Sweet and Pearl Jones and that is a stake made from wood from Geppetto’s Mystic Grove [TM].  Join Bill Willingham and Scott Snyder (and Adam Hughes) with moderator Jimmy Aquino of Comic News Insider as they discuss writing great horror/fantasy for us meat puppets/future meals.

Runtime 1 hour 10 minutes 41 seconds

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HeroesCon 2011: Master of Screaming Metal: Tribute to Moebius

Exerpt from Ben Towle’s Blog:  We showed the documentary Moebius Redux, which was reallywell-done, although it certainly shied away from addressing some of themore troubling aspects of the artist’s later career.The real star of the panel, though, was Geof Darrow who had aseemingly-limitless well of hilarious anecdotes about Moebius…

Runtime 28 minutes 26 seconds

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