Episode 363: Year 10 - Interview with Jim Rugg

Jim Rugg and Adam (Photo by Shawn)

Since the day we met Jim Rugg at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find as part of the Afrodesiac tour, he has been a favorite of the Dollar Bin.  It is funny to realize that over the last 8 or so years, this is the first Dollar Bin vs Jim Rugg interview.  Sure, he has made appearances and has been reviewed and talked about in detail, but this is our first in-depth interview with him. Let's see if we can figure out what makes Jim Rugg tick. (I'm disappointed that we didn't get into his "On a Run" diary comics).

HeroesCon 2014: Indie Creators

Indie Island shirts by Aaron Conley and Maris Wicks

The DOLLAR BIN’s ADAM DAUGHHETEE sits down with some of the most talented denizens of INDIE ISLAND. Adam will chew the fat with AARON CONLEY (Sabretooth Swordsman), SCOTT C. (Amazing Everything), JIM RUGG (Supermag), BENJAMIN MARRA (Blades and Lazers) and ALEXIS ZIRITT (The Package). Miss this one at your own peril!

Runtime 54 minutes 39 seconds

HeroesCon 2012: Tell Me Something I Don't Know with Mike Mignola

So what if the NPR Car Talk guys are calling it quits??? To fill the void, we have Mike Mignola sitting down to talk with Jim Rugg for a scintillating episode of must-hear podcast Tell Me Something I Don’t Know.  Since Hellboy can’t say it, I will—“Crap!”

This and other podcast can be found on there site.  I recommend checking it out.

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