Sex: Male
Reads: Amazing Spider-Man, Hellblazer, Fear Agent, Walking Dead, Fables
Publisher/Imprint of Choice: Vertigo
Favorite Characters: Spider-Man, John Constantine, Wolverine
Favorite Comic Creators: Darwyn Cooke, Chris Schweizer, Jason Aaron, Andy Runton
Bio: I started reading Spider-Man, X-Men, and Batman comics when I was around 10 or 11 and quickly moved to Wolverine and Punisher War Journal, once I found Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find in Greenville,  SC.  Back then I was not buying comics with any sort of regularity, more just random issues. I think the first run I had was when McFarlane started on Spidey. I then made the transition to Image buying Spawn and the Maxx. My first experience with meeting creators came during the Valiant/Image Deathmate storyline. Around the same time I met Tom Lyle at a signing at New Dimensions in Greenville, SC. My sister and I got copies of Robin III signed by him, super nice guy.  I quit reading around the time Spawn #11 came out and didn’t pick it back up until 2005.

Spring 2005: I was riding in my buddy’s Blazer on the way back from the beach and found a box of trades he’d bought to keep himself busy during breaks working in his parent’s restaurants. After making fun of him for reading comics, I found a copy of Origin in the box and was immediately curious. I asked my buddy if I could borrow it, and he told me to take the whole box. Inside were the first two trades of The Walking Dead, Hellblazer: All His Engines, All Volumes of Batman: No Man’s Land, Batman: Long Halloween and Kingdom Come.

After flying through all of these I was hooked and hungry for more. I then wandered to Acme Comics down the street where I met Brent and (Dollar Bin Co-Founder) Flaco. Acme was a breath of fresh air compared to other shops I’d been to in the past. It was also a record shop and sold as much new and used music as they did comics. They always had good music playing (I learned about Magnolia Electric Company here, and later got to meet them at a small show in the shop!) and I noticed that there were a lot of regulars that hung around talking about comics and music. Flaco and I started talking one day and I told him what I’d read and asked him for suggestions. He told me to seek out the following: Bendis’s Run on Daredevil, Planetary, Preacher, We3, Miracleman, Ultimate Spider-Man, and he let me borrow Jimmy Corrigan: Smartest Kid on Earth. I tracked the rest down and read them. I’ve been hooked ever since.

After talking to Flaco a few times, he told me about the Dollar Bin. I was in the store during a taping on a Superman show, I think…Adam probably knows. Anyway, Flaco called me over and put me on the show. I’ve involved with the DB since that day.


Kris Black

Sex: Male
Reads: Back issues of: X-men from the 80s, Batman, Calvin and Hobbes
Publisher/Imprint of Choice: Marvel
Favorite Character: Spider-man
Favorite Comic Creator: John Romita Jr.
Bio: I picked up The Amazing Spider-man 328 when I was in middle school in 1990, and didn’t understand why Spidey could fly and punch the Hulk into outer space. Cosmic powers? A grey Hulk that changed according to sunrise or sunset. I was hooked for 6 years and then went to college picking up occasional comics when I was bored. Got back into comics just before the Dollar Bin started up and have since fallen out of comics. I’m looking for a great excuse to get back inhardcore, so if you know of anything drop me a line.


J Chris Campbell

Sex: Male
Reads: Amazing Spider-Man, The Goon, New Avengers, Atomic Robo, Owly, Plastic Man, Woody Woodpecker, Andy Panda, Spooky, The Tick, Madman, Hellboy, Tiny Titans, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Publisher/Imprint of Choice: Marvel & AdHouse Books & Top Shelf
Favorite Character: Spider-Man
Favorite Comic Creator: Arthur Adams
Bio:  J Chris Campbell is afraid of the dark and makes robots to battle the monsters under his bed. He is Greenville, South Carolina’s Most Allergic Citizen who was born with a toothache in his heel. Whoa! Get out the way!


Adam Daughhetee

Sex: Male
Reads: Dark Tower, Locke & Key, Unwritten, Jonah Hex, Ender’s Game, Gravel, The Stand, Greek Street, Incoruptable, The Walking Dead
Publisher/Imprint of Choice: IDW, Boom!, Vertigo
Favorite Characters: Wolverine, Jonah Hex
Favorite Comic Creators: Mark Waid
Bio: The first comic I ever “read” was Uncanny X-men.  Like many readers my age I began collecting comics in the early 90s.  Like many youths my age I pretty much stopped after a year or so.  From there on I read the occasional Star Wars comic and collected those sweet Dave Dorman Alien covers.  I started on the comics kick just months before the birth of this thing called the Dollar Bin.  I’ve been learning ever since.


Shawn Daughhetee

Sex: Female
Reads: Books and Comics
Publisher/Imprint of Choice: Boom! Studios or Vertigo
Favorite Character: Alice Otterloop
Favorite Comic Creator: Roger Landgridge
Bio: Shawn Daughhetee is currently the Events Coordinator for Heroes  Aren’t Hard to Find in Charlotte, NC. She has been working there for  the past four years and was a customer for four years before that.    And if you do the math, that means she has been reading comics for a  whopping eight years now. Her first appearance on the Dollar Bin was  when she was interviewed on Free Comic Book Day of 2008 and later  that year she became a semi-regular contributor. Now that she is  married to Adam she is officially a regular and even writes a weekly  article spotlighting new comics.


Brian Eison

Sex: Male
Reads: comics, baseball box scores and sometimes books without pictures too
Publisher of Choice: any that gives me free stuff
Favorite Characters: Snake Eyes, Batman, Dick Grayson
Favorite Comic Creators: Darwyn Cooke, Mark Waid, George Perez, Chris Schweizer, Andy Runton and many others
Bio: I currently work in a comic shop and I’m one of the original members ofthe show/website. I have been reading comic books as long as I have beenable to read, but I think my real love for the medium can be traced tothe Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans series and books from the original Brave and the Bold series. I have had my periods of disinterest in the current product,  but my enjoyment of the format and favorite characters has held strong.


Terence Hoskins

AKA: TeeMinus
Reads:Authority, JLA, Planetary, Invincible, Animal Man, Thor, Avengers, Nextwave, Chew, Goon, Incredible Hercules, Thunderbolts, Atomic Robo
Publisher/Imprint of Choice:Marvel/DC, but mostly Image these days
Favorite Characters:Animal Man, Mister Terrific, Colossus, Mister Miracle, Punk Storm, and Thor
Favorite Comic Creators:Writers - Warren Ellis and Grant Morrison  Artists - Art Adams, Eric Canete, Humberto Ramos, and Olivier Coipel
Bio: I’ve been a comic fan and artist since I was about 5 years old.  I kinda dropped out of the scene for a long time, but became a hardcore collector around 1997.  I’ve pretty much always been a DC guy, but towards the end of high school, books like Sin City and Savage Dragon started to lure me away from the Big Two. These days, I’m an avid comic art collector, fledgling artist, and raising two future comic fans.  I met the Dollar Bin gents at a Free Comic Book Day event in Charlotte, where I talked about books nobody was reading (even though they were AWESOME).  Since then, my crib has been one of the Dollar Bin’s base of operations, and I’ve been a regular contributor. Rad.


Joel Mangrum

AKA: Kryptonian name is Jo-El
Sex: All Male (but in touch with my feminine side)
Reads: Fables, Unwritten, Fables, The Walking Dead, Invincible, Courtney Crumrin
Publisher/Imprint of Choice: I like them all but hate the continuous stream of company-widecrossovers the big two can’t get away from so Marvel and DC don’t get mymoney.
Favorite Character: Spider-man
Favorite Comic Creators: Writers: Kurt Busiek, Mark Waid, Robert Kirkman, Christopher Priest, TomDeFalco Artists: Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Alan Davis, John Romita Sr,  John Buscema, Sal Buscema, Ron Frenz
Bio: Afterwatching my parents get brutally murdered in Crime Alley I swore todedicate my life to fighting crime.  Oops, wrong story.  My earliestcomic memories was Archie Comics (Betty wins).  A comic shop opened inmy hometown of Jonesboro, ARwhen I was about 10 or 11 and for a yearlyfee of $15.00 you could have a pull file and got 1 free comic a week.  Ibought only Archie Comics for a few years until one day in 1987 Iwalked in and saw Fantastic Four Annual 20 and I had to know who thisguy in the metal mask and green cloak was and an addiction was trulyborn.

I found the Dollar Bin around episode 35 by doing a googlesearch for Comics Podcast.  Unlike the other podcasts I found, theseguys sounded like they were hanging out in a living room having fun andcame across and people i’d like to hang with so I kept on listening.   Last year (2009) Adam asked if i’d like to do a show on Transformers andsince I like to talk I figured why not and had so much fun I looked forways to worm my way back onto the show.  Six months later Adam and Iwere talking and he mentioned he wanted to do a show on Astro City and Ikind of knew Kurt Busiek from a message board he used to frequent backwhen he was writing Avengers and I thought I could get him to do aninterview.  Kurt reluctently agreed and my carefully laid trap for TheDollar Bin was sprung!  So much fun was had by all that Adam welcomed meinto the fold.  I am now the sole member of Dollar Bin: West CoastChapter!


Brandon Padgett

AKA:  Big Dog/Big Dog’s Studio
Sex: Married
Reads: Planetary, Crogan Adventures, Hellboy/BPRD, Criminal/Incognito,  Invincible, Walking Dead, Cowboy Ninja Viking, and anything by DarwynCooke!
Publisher/Imprint of Choice: historically Marvel; lately Image
Favorite Characters: 3 way tie: Spider-Man-Batman-Elijah Snow
Favorite Comic Creators: way too many to decide on just one - Art Adams, Jim Lee, Darwyn Cooke,  Chris Schweizer, Walt Simonson, Mike Mignola, John Byrne, Ed Brubaker,  etc…
Bio: My love for comics & drawing was passed onto me by my Dad.  He grewup reading in the dawn of the silver age.  In a time when Kirby was Kingand Ditko was the Grand Magician.  Regaling tales of grandeur andwonderment that left me no choice but to follow in his footsteps.  I’vebeen reading comics since the mid 80’s only leaving twice thanks to 2horrific Spider-stories (the Clone Saga and One More Day). Now I’m oneof those horrible trade waiters that are killing the industry! ;)

Idiscovered the Dollar Bin through an online friendship I developed withBrian (Eison) over at the old Newsarama.  Since then I’ve been acontributor on two of the yearly anthologies, both sketch jam auctionsand I’ve participated in a number of podcasts over the years..  I’vealso worked the DB booth at Heroes two years running sketching andmoving our Big Dog’s Studio sketchbooks.

Now that I’m a father I’m really looking forward to passing along thefamily tradition of virtuous heroes, imagination-stretching tall talesand the struggle of good versus evil.


Ted Tarver

Name: Ted Tarver
Sex: Yes, please!
Reads: Amazing Spider-Man, Walking Dead, Invincible, Green Lantern, Girls with Slingshots, Fear Agent, Fables, The Crogan Adventures
Publisher/Imprint of Choice: Marvel
Favorite Character: Spider-Man, The Confessor (Astro City), Carl (Walking Dead), Liam (Mouse Guard) and Luke Cage
Favorite Comic Creators: Robert Kirkman
Bio: I was away from comics from like 1992  until around 2007. I was pulled back in after having a friend tell me  about the events of the (then) ongoing Civil War mini-series and I  haven’t looked back since. I found out about The Dollar Bin through the  folks at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find and pretty soon we were all sitting  on Terence’s couch recording the Sweet Christmas show (check it out in  the archives!).