Production Day 1: Joey Weiser Interview

We have completed our first day of shooting.  This production is now official.  We have release forms signed and everything.

Sunday, January 15 at 11:30 am (30 minutes later than scheduled), Director of Photography, Mark Johnson (Filmscape), Shawn Daughhetee, and I arrived at Joey Weiser's house in Athens, GA to film a day of interviews.  The schedule also called for filming the recording of a podcast that he works on, a walk in a park, and a gathering with Joey's closest friends.  Three out of four ain't bad.

Shawn plays the role of AC2, slating Joey Weiser for his next line of questioning

Setup took us over 1.5 hours to get the lighting the way that we wanted as well as an angle that we were happy with.  After that, we made a few adjustments to the scene; moved a picture here, placed an ink bottle there to give the shot a little more character.

I decided to mic Joey with both an overhead shotgun mic and a lav.  I haven't been using a lot of the lav lately since I have been doing more fictional narrative and I don't trust myself to effectively hide the lav while keeping it useful. however I convinced myself that this is an interview, so it will be okay.

Adam makes final adjustments to the audio levels.

Interviewing was broken into episodes and then sets of questions and sub-questions.  It was a long barrage on Joey lasting about four hours, followed by a small break where we filmed Joey leading a short podcast recording of Toho Yaro.  Due to going over time and Joey having the podcast recording scheduled already, we had to cut filming Joey hanging out at a park he enjoys going to.  We also postponed the last episode of question to after the podcast and a break for dinner. This involved marking the position of the lights and cameras to be returned to the original setup.

Mark shows Adam a ghost image comparison between the two setup.

After the wrap was called on the final set of interview filming, we headed over to Drew Weing and Eleanor Davis' house catch some footage of Joey hanging out with friends and to grab a few interviews from Joey's friends about his work, how they met, and general questions about comic life in Athens.

Joey Weiser with Drew Weing in the background.

Filming footage with friends wrapped at about 9:30 pm, we headed back to Joey's to pack up the rest of our equipment and we headed back to Greenville, SC.  We arrived home around 11:30 pm.

Director of Photgraphy:  Mark Johnson (Filmscape)

Producer, Assistant Director, Second Assistant Camera, Script Supervisor:  Shawn Daughhetee

Producer, Director, Sound Mixer:  Adam Daughhetee

Interviewee, Cartoonist:  Joey Weiser

Cat:  Eddie