Greenville Comic-Con 2009 Recap

Recently, the Dollar Bin attended the 2009 Greenville Comic-Con along with some really great talent.  While there interviews were captured with the likes of  Mitch Rogers (The Bogre), Bradd Paron (Alpha-Sketch, Gloomy Roomies), Josh Latta (Rashy Rabbit), J Chris Campbell (Zig-Zag), Brad McGinty (Man-Dar, Bread and Cake), Duane Ballenger (Updated his website!), and Justin Gammon (Weirdo Toys).  Also, on hand working the Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find (They’ve finally announced their HeroesCon dates) booth was Dollar Bin’s Lovely Shawn Reynolds.  Over chillin’ in the artist section was Sketch Charlotte, including teeminus and Big Dog of Dollar Bin fame.  Brian and Adam were also in attendance.

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Greenville Comic-Con 2009