HeroesCon 2012: DC 52

Heroescon’s own Doug Merkle has been a life-long Marvel reader who tried all of the new DC 52 and liked what he read.  So join him as he sits down with Cully Hamner (Blue Beetle), Ivan Reis (Aquaman), Scott Snyder (Swamp Thing), Jeff Lemire (Animal Man), and Joe Prado (Green Lantern).

Runtime 55 minutes 48 seconds

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Discussion: Batman Year One the Movie

Brian purchased Batman: Year One on DVD the day it was released and since he enjoyed watching All-Star Superman with Adam and Shawn so much he actually waited until Saturday to drive all the way to Greenville and watch it with them.  Because of Brian’s great sacrifice we now bring you the following discussion.

Runtime 1 hour 01 minutes 52 seconds

Discussion: Batman Year One the Movie