HeroesCon 2015: Historical Comics Panel

Art by Matthew Roberts

Art by Matthew Roberts

The Dollar Bin’s ADAM DAUGHHETEE discusses the challenges and influences involved with creating historically based comic stories with CHRIS SCHWEIZER (Crogan’s Adventures), ED PISKOR (Macedonia, The Beats) and MATTHEW ROBERTS (Manifest Destiny).

Runtime 57 minutes 28 seconds

SC Comicon 2015: Crafting an Idea

SC Comicon 2015:  Crafting an Idea

What does it take to turn a raw idea into a completed book?  Learn from great story craftsmen Van Jensen, Chris Schweizer, and David Weber, as they walk you through their creative process.

Moderated by Brian Eison

Runtime 1 hour 11 minutes 20 seconds

SC Comicon 2015:  Crafting an Idea

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HeroesCon 2011: Family Friendly Comics

This panel has become a yearly tradition at HeroesCon. We take pride in this convention being for the entire family and what better way to celebrate Shelton Drum’s vision than by spotlighting comics the entire family can read. Chad Bowers will interview  Andy Runton (Owly), Chris Schweizer (Crogan’s Vengeance), Chris Giarusso (Mini Marvels), Jamie Cosley (Cody the Cavalier) and come see what all the buzz is about.

Runtime 1 hour 01 minutes 43 seconds

HeroesCon 2011: Teaching Comics

In the past decade or so, Graphic Novels have invaded the syllabi of many colleges and Universities throughout the country. Join moderator Shawn Daughhetee and Professors Craig Fisher, Chris Schweizer, Mike Kobre and Alan Rauch as they discuss what is involved in teaching comics at the college level. We will be taking attendance

Runtime 1 hour 21 minutes 43 seconds

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HeroesCon 2011: Historical Comics

Blending real historical facts and humor based comics into something provocative and highly entertaining is no feat. Join Chris Schweizer (Crogan’s )as he leads the discussion with Ben Towle (Amelia Earhart), Becky Cloonan(Northlanders) and Don Rosa (Uncle Scrooge) as they explain the intricacies of the creative juggling act.

This panel episode also includes a short HeroesCon recap and a little introduction to the Dollar Bin and the panel release schedule.

Runtime 1 hour 08 minutes 05 seconds

HeroesCon 2011: Historical Comics

Event: FLUKE 2011

As many of you who visit the site know, sometimes the Dollar Bin communicates with the written word, but when the truth to be conveyed is something as amazing as the FLUKE 10th Anniversary Spectacular you better believe its coming at you through your earholes.

However, if you are into words in letter form check out these great FLUKE write-ups:




Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Dollar Bin FLUKE Anthology:  Joey Weiser, J Chris Campbell, Duane Ballenger, Josh Latta, Henry Eudy, Bridgit Scheide, Falynn K, Ted, Brian, Devin, Shawn, Adam, and Kris

Runtime 1 hour 07 minutes 40 seconds

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Event: FLUKE 2011