FLUKE 2015: A Review in Words and Pictures

Where does the time go? I thought we were going to do a FLUKE 2015 review podcast, but we never did. When FLUKE 2016 rolled around I was going to do an article reviewing the books we got, but I never finished it. So here it is, 2017 and FLUKE is around the corner. I am finally going to finish my review of FLUKE 2015! Better late than never?

Here is a list of the awesome things I picked up!

Heart Attack and Hulk Retired! and Strabismus by Jordan Fitch Mooney
Three Monsters, Defanged by J. Chris Campbell, Isaac Cates, and Mike Wenthe
F&$#wizards by Eleanor Davis
Dead Sexy by David Mack
Watercolor painting by Michele Chidester
Big Caramel by Jason Horn – Adam found Jason Horn’s first mini at Bizarro Wuxtry. We have been in there numerous times but for whatever reason neglected to pick it up. But we did this time and it was a fun read! Also, we picked up Aw Yeah! Comics #9 which has a Ninjasaur story in it.
“Be Quiet” fox print by Erin Gladstone
Atomic Elbow #13 with cover Sean Wars and back cover by The Hand of Beaver – Speaking of Atomic Elbow, I am a contributor on issue #11! You should pick it up and listen to me express my love of Dolph Ziggler.
How To Ignore People By Pretending To Read A Book by Lee Gatlin
FLUKE Souvenir Comic featuring Joey Weiser, Max Clotfelter, Rich Tommaso, Scott Stripling, Lee Gatlin, Patrick Dean, Sammy Herring, Michele Chidester, Justin Colussy Estes, and Judson Culver
Ghost Rider by various contributors
One-Eyed Dragon by Maggie Venable
Also we picked up a few things from Josh Nickerson who was our table buddy.

We bought some solid books and art this year. This was also the year I wore a shiny blue dress for some reason! I hate that it has taken me so long to post about the awesome stuff we bought! 2015 was a bit of a rough year for me health-wise. I’m so glad that I am better now than I was then. Adam and I are looking forward to FLUKE 2017. It will be April 29 and is held at the 40 Watt Club this year. Hope to see you there!

Special thank you to Heather Peagler she borrowed my camera and took pictures for me all day.

Discussion: Dollar Bin Awards 2011

Its that time of the year again.  That’s right, awards season and just like every other committee that clings to the coattails of the talented the Dollar Bin have their own awards show.  Welcome to the 2010 Dollar Bin Awards where dreams are fulfilled and feelings are hurt.  Come for the results.  Stay for the witty banter.

Runtime 1 hour 06 minutes 04 seconds

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Writer (of the Year):  Jason Aaron

Artist:  Francesco Francavilla

Colorist:  Laura Martin

Cover Artist:  Chrissie Zullo

Issue:  Thor: The Mighty Avenger #4

Series:  The Sixth Gun

Graphic Novel:  Parker: The Outfit

Publisher:  DC/Vertigo

Comic Related Media:  Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Comics Moment:  Nothing Stands Out

Most Under-Appreciated:  The Sixth Gun (Irony)

Most Confusing:  Return of Bruce Wayne

Most Disappointing:  Shadowland

Interview/Guest:  Neal Adams

Missing From 2010 You’d Like to See in 2011: Berni Wrightson

Contribution Winners: Mitch Rogers, Matthew Guy, Matt Plumber, Scott Dunlap, Mark Sullivan

Discussion: Dollar Bin Awards 2010