Comic Shop Ponderings

We all think about these things (or at least wish we came up with these questions), but we rarely get the opportunity to voice them out loud. This week Shawn, Ted, and Adam toss caution into the wind and throw down the gauntlet to bring you into the inner minds of the comic obsessed.

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  • What comic book character would you marry?

  • If you could live in any comic book which one would it be and why?

  • If you could die a super hero death how would you go out?

  • If you could have a side kick who would it be?

  • If you could have an arch-nemesis who would it be?

  • Who would you want to write and draw the comic book based on you life?

  • If you were an indie snob which book would you hate?

  • If you could have any comic book animal as a pet who would it be?

  • If you were in mortal danger what comic book character would you want to save you?

  • What is your favorite super hero’s favorite breakfast cereal?

  • What would be your ideal crossover/team-up book?

  • Which villain/hero would you kill off for reals?


Comic Shop Ponderings