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Another year and another fantastic FLUKE.  Adam, Shawn, and Devin journeyed to mythical Athens, GA for their annual visit to FLUKE.  This go around Adam picked up interviews with Robert Newsome, Rich Tommaso, Patrick Dean, Andy Runton, Wes Brooks, and Adam Casey.  Who's that I hear on the wrap up portion?  That would be returning guest, Josh Dean.

Runtime 1 hour 19 minutes 50 seconds

Event: Heroes Discussion Group - Hickman's Fantastic Four

On September 21, 2010 the Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find Discussion Group talked Fantastic Four Volume 1 collecting issues 570-574.  As an added bonus, author of the run, Jonathan Hickman, himself, drops in to join the discussion.  That, plus the moderating genius of Andy Mansell makes the excitement level of this event equivalent to a hurricane wrapped in a tornado. 

Runtime: 1 hour 37 minute 06 seconds

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Heroes Discussion Group - Fantastic Four with Hickman