Episode 354: We're Back, Ya'll!

Art by Wes Brooks

Art by Wes Brooks

What's that in the air?  Why its old man Dollar Bin here to ring in the new year.  That's right, Heather, Shaka, Brian, Wes, Ted, and Adam got together one more time to talk everything (comics(ish)).  Welcome back.

Runtime 1 hour 1 minute 15 seconds

Episode 353: Post HeroesCon 2015 Wrap Up

Episode 353:  Post HeroesCon 2015 Wrap Up

HeroesCon 2015 was a whirlwind! We can't believe it was only last weekend, June 19-21. Sit back and listen while Wes Brooks, J Chris Campbell, Adam Daughhetee, and Shawn Daughhetee take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce about their time at the convention. You will hear such interesting stories as Friday at the con, Saturday dinner at Phat Burrito, hanging out with friends, selling things, buying things and much more!

Runtime 1 hour 33 minutes 58 seconds

Episode 353:  Post HeroesCon 2015 Wrap Up

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Episode 350: Ask a Black Nerd Part 2

Following up on our first part, Ask a Black Nerd Part 1, we bring you, part 2.  In this episode, Terence, Ted, and Trevor answer your Facebook questions.  What were their answers?  There is only one way to find out.  Just listen.

Runtime 1 hour 7 minutes 12 seconds

Click to view the National Trevor: The Movie pilot/trailor

Click to view the National Trevor: The Movie pilot/trailor

Episode 348: Ask a Black Nerd Part 1

Pictured Left to Right:  Ted, Terence, Trevor

Dollar Bin Productions in conjunction with Ask a Black Friend, presents to you the very special episode of Ask a Black Nerd.  We opened up our lines (Facebook) and you asked questions.  You may not like them, but here are your answers.

Episode 346: Spotlight on Chris Brunner

Art by Chris Brunner

Artist Chris Brunner is very dear to the Dollar Bin podcast.  He's been with us since the semi-early days and our first appearance at the Charlotte Minicon (It makes me really sad that I can't find this interview mp3, so if you have it can you send it to me?) where we had a fascinating discussion on the effectiveness of a lightsaber on Luke Cage.  Chris has been captivating us over the years with amazing art, like what you can find in the comic Loose Ends.  He has also captured our hearts with his friendship, spirit, and lively, thought provoking discussions.  Thanks Chris.

Runtime 47 minutes 34 seconds

Episode 339: HeroesCon 2014 Warp Up Part 4

Finally, we have said all there is to say about HeroesCon...unless, of course, you have something to say too.  If you do then drop us a line and maybe we'll throw together a part five, or maybe, a HeroesCon 2014 Wrap Up wrap up?  Anyway, here's Adam, Micah, and Shawn.

Runtime 55 minutes 52 seconds

Episode 338: HeroesCon 2014 Wrap Up Part 3

Cosplay by Van Der Villain Cosplay

This week we wrap up out HeroesCon 2014 discussion with Josh.  But first, Adam and Shawn discuss their trip to Chapel Hill Comics for the Greatest Signing of All Time (Ed Piskor, Jim Rugg, Tom Scioli, Chris Pitzer) to celebrate the retirement of comic shop owner, Andrew Neal.

Featured image:  Van Der Villain Cosplay

Runtime 49 minutes 45 seconds

Episode 337: HeroesCon 2014 Wrap Up Part 2

Seth Peagler and Winslow Drum

This week Adam, Josh, and Shawn continue their marathon discussion of HeroesCon 2014.  They cover mostly Art Auctions, but also attempt to put the finishing touches on Friday.  Shawn talks about non comics things they she purchased, Josh talks more on his Adult Swim sketchbook and Adam talks his commissions.

Runtime 1 hour 8 minutes 34 seconds

Episode 314: Baltimore Comic Con and SPX 2013 Recaps

Episode 314: Baltimore Comic Con and SPX 2013 Recaps

This year, for the first time ever, the Dollar Bin got to attend back to back conventions (actually, it was back to back to back including the Ashville Comics Expo) in Maryland, Baltimore Comic Con and SPX.  How did they go?  Listen in with special guests, Tee, Brad McGinty, and J Chris Campbell to find out.

Runtime 1 hour 7 minutes 27 seconds


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Episode 310: The Clip Show

Episode 310: The Clip Show

Join Adam and Shawn as they host an hodgepodge of a show! First up Adam and Shawn talk about why you should back Bradd Parton’s Open Mic Nightmare Kickstarter. Also on tap is the conclusion to the much anticipated March Madness! Finally the winner is revealed and before 2014! Adam found some material on the cutting room floor from the infamous Reunion Show. Andy Runton is interviewed about HeroesCon and his awesome Indie Island print. Special sneak peak of the, as yet, unaired interview that Adam and Joel did with comic legend Howard Chaykin! All this and possibly more on a very special (and totally new and original) episode of The Dollar Bin.

Runtime 32 minutes 41 seconds

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Episode 309: Comics and Everything Part 3 - Problems Can't Be Fixed

Episode 309:  Comics and Everything Part 3 - Problems Can't Be Fixed

This may be the best of our series with Ashley Holt.  It should be.  It's like our 7th try.  In this episode we discuss all of the the comics community industry, what happened, what's happening, and what can be done.  Discussed topics include comic books vs Mad, libraries, the cult of comics, the vicious cycle, a possible conspiracy, and those strip guys getting it done.

Runtime 1 hour 12 minutes 23 seconds

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Episode 307: Comics and Everything Part One - Creators

Episode 307:  Comics and Everything Part One - Creators

Image by Ashley HoltThis week on the Dollar Bin we present part one of our series of discussions with Ashley Holt.  Looking back, this one really should have been posted before part two.  Get to know Ashley and ease in to his view on the world of comics.  Also, we discuss audio books.

Runtime 1 hour 7 minutes 33 seconds

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Episode 305: Comics and Everything Part Two - Growth

Ashley HoltThis week in the Dollar Bin I present to you a show like you’ve never heard before.  A show of descent and intrigue, faith, hope, and disapointment.  However, most setting it apart from any other show before it is Ashley Holt.  Funny thing, this is part two.  Keep and eye out for part one next week.

Runtime 1 hour 12 minutes 44 seconds

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Episode 304: Comics Elimination 2013 Round 3 and 4

This week on the Dollar Bin we tackle the Rounds of 16 and 8 of the Comics Book Elimination Challange.  We also get to know a little more about contributor, Ted, and recap up-to-date bracket results with Shawn.  If you missed last weeks show because I posted it late, be sure to go back and get it.

Runtime 30 minutes 32 seconds

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Episode 301: Comics Elimination 2013 Round 1

Image by Robert UllmanWell, it’s that time of year again… a few months ago.  It’s that time again for the Dollar Bin crew to put their vote where there mouth is and work together to decide the greatest comic series of our time.  Or, at least what’s cool.  This is Round One of comics elimination.  Anything that’s gets past us here is a least worth checking out.

Runtime 51 minutes 49 seconds

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Episode 300: Free Comic Book Day 2013

Image by Duane BallengerAs usual, Adam and Shawn made their tour of a few shops in the Carolinas to celebrate Free Comic Book Day.  First stop, Richard’s Comics and Collectables.  Next, Borderlands Comics and Games.  To close out the night, Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find.  Many interesting people.  Many great free comic books.

Runtime 53 minutes 32 seconds

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