Episode 354: We're Back, Ya'll!

Art by Wes Brooks

Art by Wes Brooks

What's that in the air?  Why its old man Dollar Bin here to ring in the new year.  That's right, Heather, Shaka, Brian, Wes, Ted, and Adam got together one more time to talk everything (comics(ish)).  Welcome back.

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Episode 351: SC Comicon 2015 Wrap-Up

Episode 351:  SC Comicon 2015 Wrap-Up

Recorded a week later and posted, well, now is our SC Comicon 2015 wrap-up.  Join Wes Brooks, Brian, Shaka, Shawn, and Adam as they discuss the many highs and few lows of SC Comicon and the Saturday night Drink & Draw.

Runtime 1 hour 17 minutes 54 seconds

Episode 351:  SC Comicon 2015 Wrap-Up

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Episode 330: Dollar Bin Awards 2013

Episode 330: Dollar Bin Awards 2013

It is that time of year again! The time we celebrate the best of the best! YOU, the Dollar Bin listeners, have voted on your favorites of 2013. Join us as we announce the winners. This episode is full of some of your favorite Dollar Bin regulars and a few surprises!

Runtime 1 hour 8 minutes 26 seconds

Episode 330: Dollar Bin Awards 2013

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Discussion: Comics Madness Elimination 2012 Q1 Finals

This week the DB makes up for lost time and closes out the last three rounds of the Comics Madness Elimination Tournament.  Participants include:  Invincible, Uncanny X-Force, Scalped, Unwritten, Fables, GI Joe, Batman, and American Vampire.  Who will move on to greatness and who will fall short?

Runtime 48 minutes 11 seconds

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Discussion: Comics Madness Elimination 2012 Q1 Round 2

This week we, here at the Dollar Bin, bring to you a combination of comics love.  First, a cary-over from Valentine’s day is the Dollar Bin Definitive Top 5 Comics Couples.  That will be followed by round 2 of the Comics Madness Elimination.

Runtime 31 minutes 12 seconds

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Discussion: Comics Madness Elimination 2012 Q1 Round 1

This week we discuss the first round of the Dollar Bin Comics Madness Elimination Challange 2012 Q1 R1.  What the hell is that?  Its our own little flavor of March Madness where we will be narrowing down (over the next few weeks) the cream of the crop comics currently on the shelves (except for Avengers vs X-Men) Dollar Bin style.

Runtime 37 minutes 11 seconds

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Discussion: Dollar Bin Awards 2011 Part 2

Picking up right where we left off last week, we bring to you the second part of the 5 th Annual Dollar Bin Awards. Join Adam, Brian, Shaka and Shawn as they pick who will be the best of the best. Curious what made Best Moment, Most Under Appreciated or Best Series? Then tune in to find out!

Runtime 1 hour 13 minutes 19 seconds

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Discussion: On Trends and the Top 5 Logos

This week the Dollar Bin present a collection of discussions with a collection of participants covering comic trends Rappin’ with Richard, the Dollar Bin Definitive Top Five logos in comics, and the DC logo redesign, no relation.  Join Adam, Brian, Heather, Richard, Shacka, Shawn and Tee for a very bountiful adventure.

Runtime 51 minutes 39 seconds

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Event: Charlotte Minicon 2012

Cliff Chiang at the Charlotte Minicon 2012In an amazing turn of events 98% of Dollar Bin East joined forces at the Charlotte Minicon, presented by Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find, to round up the topics and guests floating around the venue and hog-tied them in a rather fine package.  Listen for guests Sanford Greene, Bridgit Scheide, Cliff Chiang and special guest interviewer Izzy.

Runtime 58 minutes 23 seconds

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Trivia: Marvel Trivia Night

For those of you out there who always think to yourselves (or out loud), “these guys don’t know anything about (Marvel) comics,” here is your proof.  For those of you who think, “I love listening to these guys because they are just like me,” let’s find out how true that is together.  Oh, and for those who requested longer shows, how’s this for you?

Runtime 1 hour 58 minutes 43 seconds

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Discussion: Thanksgiving 2011

‘Tis the season to be thankful and as usual the Dollar Bin sets aside petty disapointments to be thankful for what the comics industry has brought us in the year 2011.  This year Adam, Brian, Shaka, and Shawn will break down what they are thankful for by publisher, much like Adam organizes his books.

Runtime 1 (0) hour 15 (33) minutes 7 (0) seconds

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Discussion: Comics on the Couch 1122

In this weeks episode of the Dollar Bin we start things off with a little Dollar Bin Definitive Top 5:  Chattiest Characters in Comics then Adam and Shawn talk for a while about what they’ve been reading outside of the DC and Marvel universes.

* Never do a Google Images search for the word “Spontaneous.”

Runtime 52 minutes and 52 seconds

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Discussion: DC 52 Relaunch Batch 4

Its the final batch of the new 52 relaunch and we are pooped.  Sit in at Adam and Shawn discuss this last set of books before the #2s hit the shelves.  Also, this week as promised the Dollar Bin Definitive Top 5 Fanboy Gripes about the DC relaunch and The Top 5 Most Likely Books to End First.

Runtime 1 hour 19 minutes 20 seconds

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