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This week we wrap up out HeroesCon 2014 discussion with Josh.  But first, Adam and Shawn discuss their trip to Chapel Hill Comics for the Greatest Signing of All Time (Ed Piskor, Jim Rugg, Tom Scioli, Chris Pitzer) to celebrate the retirement of comic shop owner, Andrew Neal.

Featured image:  Van Der Villain Cosplay

Runtime 49 minutes 45 seconds

Episode 338:  HeroesCon 2014 Wrap Up Part 3

Discussion: SPX 2012 Reviews Part 2

Adam and Shawn finish up their wordy and lengthy reviews of the books that they picked up at SPX 2012! Some of the books that they discuss this go-round are as follows:

Runtime 39 minutes 28 seconds


-Swan Lake - Ping Zhu
-Immovable Objects - James Hindle
-Crier - Joseph Lambert
-Salad Days and Simple Routines #13-#15 - JP Coovert
-Sundays #5 - Anthology
-Runner Runner - Anthology by Tugboat Press
-Papercutter #13 - Matt Wiegle, Tim Root and Jonas Madden-Connor
-The Vault, I Am Beauty, Meat Bird, Eagle Fight Squad 2030 AD: Bird on Fire - Alex Kim
-Moose #1 - Max de Radigues
-The End of the Fucking World Part 11 - Charles Forsman
-Tragic Relief, Island Brat, Island Brat 2 - C. Frakes
-Here at the End of All Things - Sean T. Collins and C. Frakes
-Overboard and Shotgun Funeral - Laura Terry

Discussion: SPX 2012 Reviews Part 2